Let’s Be Real

A conversation aimed to improve your physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual health.


Physical Health

  • Adjustment to chronic health problems: Diabetes, cardiac health, pain

  • Insomnia (Ask about CBT-i)

  • Tobacco cessation (Ask about Nicotine Replacement Therapy)

  • Body image

  • Sexual health: Difficulties with desire, arousal, and orgasm

  • Weight management

Psychological Health

  • Depression/ postpartum depression

  • Anxiety

  • Identity

  • Grief

  • Trauma (Ask about Cognitive Processing Therapy)

  • Life transitions: Career change, retirement, relocation

Social & Spiritual Health

  • Conflicts in social roles: Parental, familial, or romantic partnerships

  • Cultural stress: Conflicts between societal/ cultural demands and personal beliefs

  • Questions of faith

  • Relationship with a higher power